Ariesio y aries son compatibles

Compatibilidad Aries But unlike the Taurus, Aries rarely bang their heads against a stone wall: if the obstacle seems unremovable, Aries simply switches her attention to something else. Under such parental guidance, Leo learns that he is the master of his family, and as a child he will be encouraged to develop flexibility and strength of muscles. This couple is full of fire. We have two bright, self-assured personalities, and everyone values his ability to act and love life in another.

Mom is proud of the fact that her child-lion is determined to hold the brand high, although Mama-Aries herself will be the first to rush forward first. It is able to quickly join the case when it is necessary to carry out the conceived. The lion will follow her, but in the beginning he will need a little swing. In addition, Leo knows that he does not need to prove anything to anyone. He has an innate sense of inner superiority, and even Mother Aries, with all his pride, should give him his due.

Leo Child — Aries Parent

And she will be delighted with his words and views, answer his questions and With such treatment, the little Leo is ready to behave more like a purring cat, and not at all like an enraged Lion, as he happens, without receiving a daily dose of love and reverence. Mom may think that she is superior to everyone and in everything, but Leo is also determined to be the best.

And even if this is not always the case, one should not forget to praise him, only necessarily sincerely. Lion is flattered by praise, and the mother can achieve from him all that she wants, if she skillfully uses compliments. But if it is insincere.

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Ambos tienen personalidades muy diferentes y chocantes. En especial porque ambos disfrutan de llevar las riendas de la misma, les agrada tomar las decisiones importantes y guiar a su pareja.

Aries - Compatibilidad de Aries con los demas signos del zodiaco

Al igual que un leonino, una pareja sagitariana puede ayudarte a ver las relaciones desde otro lugar. Esto es lo que Sagitario quiere hacer por ti. Mientras que tu juegas a partir de tus propias reglas y sueles equivocarte bastante y luego olvidar lo sucedido. Si hay algo que caracteriza a Capricornio es su moralidad e inteligencia.


Sienten que las emociones son un impedimento para alcanzar el verdadero objetivo: hacer un cambio en el mundo. Son personas que viven para trabajar y formarse en el mundo intelectual. Desean romper esquemas y crear la diferencia. From an assertive Aries to a charismatic Leo or exuberant Sagittarius they are the extroverts of the zodiac and are the first to make an introduction or conquer new ground.

While their enthusiasm is infectious their zealous behaviour can, inadvertently or not, make them bossy and overbearing.

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Passionate fire signs also enjoy a bit of drama and in the absence of excitement they will go out of their way to create some. Having such an intrepid nature they like to take risks, which compels them to rush in without giving too much thought to their actions. Similarly, fire signs can speak without thinking and while they can always be counted on for an honest opinion sometimes the delivery is brutal. However, amid the tactlessness, impatience and at times impetuous behaviour is an admirable lust for life, generosity of spirit and fierce loyalty.

Earth signs are imparted with the qualities symbolised by their element — they are down to earth, grounded and modest. Pragmatic and somewhat conservative they need structure and routine in order to feel safe and whether a practical Taurus, analytical Virgo or determined Capricorn they approach life with caution and careful planning. Unlike spontaneous fire and air, earth signs dislike surprises or being put on the spot.

Nor are they overly fond of change so they tend to be very organised, preferring the safe confines of their safety zone to the unknown. Patient, calm and steadfast they are reliable as a Swiss watch, the voice of reason and a veritable rock of Gibraltar which is why loved ones turn to them during a crisis.

Y están ahí hablando cuando se les sale algo que no debió salir de sus bocas, ellos…

However, their poised nature sometimes makes it difficult to gauge their emotions or prompt them to divulge their thoughts and feelings. Yes, earth signs have sophisticated tastes but they loathe ostentation. Emotional stability is just as paramount as financial peace of mind and so they strive to create a comfortable existence free of money worries or drama. Like air, these folk are always shifting, changing and evolving. A state of flux may unnerve some but to inquisitive air signs movement is a chance for growth and exploration. Independent, spontaneous and open-minded they dislike restrictions and love the chance to broaden their horizons, literally as well as metaphorically, through new people, experiences and places.

As the element associated with intellect and logic air signs rely heavily on reason. This innate objectivity enables them to make a fair appraisal but also intellectualises their feelings so they can seem emotionally detached at times. Their need for perpetual mental stimulation also makes them quite restless.

Disarming Aquarians, vivacious Librans and sunny Geminis are all blessed with outgoing and naturally expressive personalities so they are highly sociable as well as good communicators. Air signs enjoy company and make the most of any opportunity to gain knowledge and exchange ideas through hearty, interesting conversation. Having such an upbeat disposition air signs are also great at diffusing tense situations and their optimistic take on life rarely fails to lift the spirits of loved ones.

Turbulent ocean, flowing stream or deep well — water reflects the many states of the signs belonging to this element. Emotional and intuitive, water signs rely on instinct rather than logic and are acutely aware of the feelings, thoughts and pain of others. Water signs have immense insight into human nature so trying to hide something from them is futile. Mothers in particular, know their children inside out and have remarkable built-in sensors that automatically detect when they are troubled.

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Similarly, even the youngest water sign child will pick up on the slightest bit of tension and instinctively be more gentle and affectionate when a parent or sibling is upset. Water signs can always be counted on for emotional support, sound advice and a sympathetic ear. This goes with that? These elements traditionally indicate an easy connection. Both are spirited, fun-loving and outgoing so the combination usually spells excitement, mischief and motion.

With fire instilling determination and confidence a Leo, for example, will encourage a Libran to have faith in their abilities. Air, in turn, knows how to handle the volatile nature of fire signs which is why a cool Aquarian can keep an Aries in line while avoiding a heated exchange. Even though the two go about life differently they can easily relate. In the realms of nature, water and earth mutually benefit each other and so the relationship between these family members is usually strong and effortless.

Earth signs have the patience to cope with the moods and complexities of water. Water, in turn, provides emotional support and a comfortable environment for earth signs to air their feelings. Water signs compel earth to be more perceptive and compassionate while earth provides water with stability and calm. Fire and water make steam!

Aries Father — Aries Child

El nivel de compatibilidad de Aries con Aries es regular. Se pasarán el día midiéndose y se puede establecer una relación de fuerzas constante. Con qué signos se lleva mejor Aries, qué signos son más compatibles con Aries, con que signos tiene más afinidad.

Both are passionate and prone to volatile, erratic behaviour but the similarities end there.