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Same for Mercury, posited in 3rd house, owns 1st and 5th and is in its own star. Mercury signifies 2nd, 8th and 11th cusps as per its positional status. Finally, Venus is posited in 2nd and is lord of 4th and 12th house. Venus is in Sun star, which is posited in 2nd and owns 4th house.

Moon clearly reflects the relevant houses so we can proceed to the analysis of those and find their significators. Rahu is lord of no constellation but Sun is, Mars and Venus are in Sun star lord and are considered as the strongest significators of the 2nd house.

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Lord of 2nd house is Moon, posited as the star lord of Ketu. Lord of 3rd house is also Moon, posited as the star lord of Ketu. So Mercury, Moon and Ketu are significators by order of strength.

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Mars and Venus are in Sun star lord and are considered as the strongest significators of the 4th house. So Mars, Venus and Sun are significators by order of strength. It is governed by Jupiter and is in its own star lord which means that only Jupiter is the only strongest significator of the house. Since the joint significators planets are more than four, hence we take Ruling Planets, in order of its importance to find out the fruitful common significators.

We can easily remove Sun and Moon as they are in a star of a retrograde planet and will not participate in the fructification of the event. Same for Ketu which is in the sub of the retrograde planet, Mars and also acts as an agent for it. Time Correction. Add personalized consultancy with this horoscope.

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Learn KP System or Astrology, also known Krishnamurti Paddhati from the leaders in astrology. KP Astrology is not Nadi astrology. Get Free KP software, KP . Hi, First, there is no vedic astrology specifically. Entire astrology is vedic because it is from the vedic age. Yes, to understand, one can understand as Parashari.

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Interestingly, over the past year I have received several emails and some calls from software developers asking me to expose the core functionality as API so that they can use the service to build apps for multiple devices. In fact, last week a developer from Kerala called me and spoke at length as to why building the API is a great idea.

It was then that I thought I should take this suggestion seriously. Over the past thirteen years, I have been gradually adding features based on my own evolution as an astrology enthusiast and the feedback from users of the software.

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In order to get started, I spent a few days last week reviewing the existing functionality and decided on a core set of features even this will be implemented in stages to expose via REST. It was quite straightforward to take the sources and rebuild for this new project. The following screens show the initial steps in RAD Studio project creation. First I tested the server on my local machine. I created a Windows Server VM with 3.

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That is acceptable for now. The following screen image shows the data received from the server in JSON format for a query requesting Planets information for a chart with given ID. I chose JSON output format for now since that is the most common.